key features:

               Adult Avatar free iconAdult Avatar free iconAdult Avatar free iconAdult Avatar free icon
Smoke free icon  No Smoking  No alcohol free icon  No Alcohol
Wifi connection signal symbol free icon Free Wifi             Flat Television
Minibar free iconRefrigerator     Minisplit free icon Air conditioning
Hot coffee rounded cup on a plate from side view free icon Coffee sets       Water Heater free iconWater Heater
Bottle free iconWater Bottle     Ironing board with cloth and iron free icon Ironing Facilities
Praying Mat free iconPrayer Mat       toiletries free icon Toiletries
Towel on hanger free iconCloth Hanger   Slippers free icon slippers
Bathroom furniture free icon  Full Featured Bathroom
+ RM150.00 to price
+ RM20.00 x night to price

Start from RM150.00/night