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No 110 Jalan Tun Samabanthan Brickfield KL Sentral 50470 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.

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  • Martyn Rapps Avatar
    Martyn Rapps
    10/24/2019 - Facebook

    The staff were wonderful, it was so nice to be be greeted in the morning with such joyful & happy faces & return in the evening by the same friendly faces, made our trip amazing.
    The location of Easy hotel is the best as it's right under the KL monorail station, Sentral station is about a 5 minute walk ( inside all the way) for Kelana jaya line trains to KLCC & Sunway Lagoon & KTM komuter line to Batu caves.
    Lots of restaurants within walking distance. "loved the Chinese restaurants" & Old town White coffee.
    Free breakfast at ABC Bistro cafe & you can pay for extras if you are feeling hungry.
    I booked the hotel through Facebook messenger with Mr Rana (managing director).
    10 seater shuttle bus from & to the airport (150 MR each way if you book through the official website).
    City tour for which we were able to make our own itinerary.
    The only downside was that the 5 bedroom room was a bit cramped, but as we used the room only to sleep & shower this wasn't to much of a problem. I saw the 4 bedroom room & it was huge!

    苏佳蒂 Avatar
    12/25/2016 - Facebook

    Strategic location for shopping and accessible to LRT. The receptionist is friendly and courteous, but the facility is so so. The showerhead got detached from its arm and the sound of the shower pump is loud as if it is going to explode. The cleanliness is ok.

    Honeyzone Langkawi Avatar
    Honeyzone Langkawi
    8/20/2019 - Facebook

    Nice and easy
    Shopping mall

    Fred Van Andel Avatar
    Fred Van Andel
    4/22/2018 - Facebook

    One great thing about about this place it is so close to Sentral station and all the shops there. Did not get wet going the place when it rained, covered all the way. The staff were extremely helpful when I had a problem accessing the internet, they were very patient with me. All staff were very friendly all the time. Thanks all at Eazy Hotel

  • محمد نورفأز محمد يوصف Avatar
    محمد نورفأز محمد يوصف
    2/24/2017 - Facebook

    tempat selesa, lokasi yg strategik, kemudahan yg byk, service yg sgt memuaskan.. recommanded budget hotel...

    Giardie Refianda Putra Avatar
    Giardie Refianda Putra
    8/13/2017 - Facebook

    Good , the Hotel is clean and neat , the Staff are very polite and cheerful , very recommended Hotel for someone who is looking for a nice place but not expensive

    5 star rating
    11/05/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Cheap and Clean Hotel The hotel location is very good. Walking distance to KL sentral
    (where Kl express train stop)
    There is also cheap buses that you can ride from Klia/klia2 airport.

    1)For the room, it is clean but small.
    2)Breakfast is a la cart but there is plenty of food at the surrounding area.
    3)No issue for transportation as the mrt/lrt is either beside your hotel or within walking distance.

    Arr Sing Avatar
    Arr Sing
    10/24/2016 - Facebook

    Good accommodation facilities of the hotel, but breakfast really delicious. Indian food
    Some rooms are noisy from staff moving around

  • Ernesto Santos Avatar
    Ernesto Santos
    7/17/2016 - Facebook

    Good location, clean, good service and value for money.

    3 star rating
    12/23/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Tours and travels Best travel to all over India, too low cost to travel anywhere because all traveler are higher amount pay comparison to the my advice traveler to most esiest way to travel anywhere to all over the world

    Micaela Rabe Avatar
    Micaela Rabe
    1/02/2020 - Facebook

    The name says it all! Easy Hotel made our stay very easy and comfortable. It was accessible and has a convenient location. Also, kudos to the staff for such an impeccable service! ❤️

    Marina UliagitHa Avatar
    Marina UliagitHa
    8/26/2017 - Facebook

    aku sangat senang nginap disni dekat dengn perkotaan, cari transportasi nya pun juga tidak susahlah dan ini hotel pelayanan nya sangat bagus, staff nya juga sangat ramah ,kamar mandi nya bersih banget deh pokoknya simple tapi kita sangat nyaman buat beristirhat seandainya aku berliburan ke KL lagi aku akan ttap nginap disini.

  • Siti Nur Avatar
    Siti Nur
    2/21/2020 - Google

    - most convenient location
    - you won't go hungry. Lots of restaurant surrounding this place. You can even crossed over to Nu Central for food
    - staff was friendly

    Diyanah Diyanah Avatar
    Diyanah Diyanah
    6/16/2017 - Facebook

    Pelayanan sangat bagus dipusat kota

    Bernard Olatan Avatar
    Bernard Olatan
    5/19/2019 - Facebook

    The staffs are so kind and accommodating.

    Nithin Kumar Avatar
    Nithin Kumar
    7/22/2016 - Facebook

    We stayed here for more than 1month wit family...lovely hotel, very friendly,house keeping is too good...service is excellent..near to all nu mall and monorail station...over all EXCELLENT...

  • Jayapratap Savarala Avatar
    Jayapratap Savarala
    8/13/2019 - Facebook

    good to stay at affordable cost

    Noppadol Kalampabutr Avatar
    Noppadol Kalampabutr
    10/20/2017 - Facebook

    การเดินทางสะดวก หาของกินง่าย มีความปลอดภัยสูง พนักงานเป็นกันเอง สะอาด สะดวก สบาย

    Nutthajitra Boonthan Avatar
    Nutthajitra Boonthan
    1/10/2017 - Facebook

    ห้องพักสวย ราคาไม่แพง พนักงานบริการดี มีอาหารเช้า มีแปรงสีฟันยาสีฟัน ยาสระผม ครีมอาบน้ำ น้ำดื่ม กาแฟ

    Anna Santoso Avatar
    Anna Santoso
    12/15/2017 - Facebook

    The people is friendly, good looking after to the guess..the room is so clean, and easy to go it

  • Syamsiah Harahap Avatar
    Syamsiah Harahap
    7/31/2018 - Facebook

    I loved staying at this hotel even though just two nights. This location isn't far away for going shopping & culinary tour, like : the tasty of Indian food which l've eaten them for the first-time. The clerk was very friendly & never forget to document the guest activity in order to remember when the guest visited, like my picture which has been published since 28 July 2018.

    Maimunah Arshad Avatar
    Maimunah Arshad
    11/29/2019 - Facebook

    kakitangan yang peramah dan banyak membantu. lokasi yang strategik dengan harga yang berpatutan

    Mirna Ari Mulyani Munir Avatar
    Mirna Ari Mulyani Munir
    4/19/2017 - Facebook

    Pas mau kemana2 untuk pusing2 KL

    Nhainzs Shah Avatar
    Nhainzs Shah
    7/12/2016 - Facebook

    i like this hotel but i can't sleep well because it is very noisy outside with doors sound, people talking loudly and the water come out very slow. please..i need to sleep!

  • Siska Icha Indriany Avatar
    Siska Icha Indriany
    11/12/2019 - Facebook

    friendly service, clean room, near to get public transportation.

    Afny Reany Avatar
    Afny Reany
    3/20/2016 - Facebook

    Bilik ok saya selesa tido kt sini

    Hanny Hasan Avatar
    Hanny Hasan
    5/24/2017 - Facebook

    The best service..all staff always give assalamualaikum...

    Ririn Rinawati Avatar
    Ririn Rinawati
    5/27/2017 - Facebook

    Kamar bersih sekali dan staffnya ramah.. lokasi strategis..hanya sarapan nya kurang enak

  • Lia Apriani Avatar
    Lia Apriani
    3/08/2017 - Facebook

    Strategic location near KL sentral, friendly staff n delicious briyani rice at abc restaurant..

    Iskandar Ilham Avatar
    Iskandar Ilham
    3/26/2020 - Facebook

    nice room and nice location

    Arif Jan Khan Avatar
    Arif Jan Khan
    8/29/2018 - Facebook

    nice staff comfortable rooms

    Quang Ronnarith Avatar
    Quang Ronnarith
    8/29/2017 - Facebook

    เดินทางสะดวกมาก ความสะอาดสมราคา พนักงานยิ้มแย้มบริการดี มีอาหารเช้าให้ รวมๆคุ้มเกินราคา

  • Shita Krisnasari Avatar
    Shita Krisnasari
    6/30/2017 - Facebook

    Nice hospitality.... Berasa d rumah... Tmpt beristrhat yg enak sth seharian klling Kuala lumpur n sktarx... ���

    ABdul WaFiy Avatar
    ABdul WaFiy
    3/09/2018 - Facebook

    I like it even first time check in here. The people is so friendly and the rooms is very clean

    Moha Mmed Avatar
    Moha Mmed
    10/25/2016 - Facebook

    Very nice hotel. Rooms are very nice and clean. Okay for me

    Chua SheautTze Avatar
    Chua SheautTze
    11/23/2015 - Facebook

    Very convenient , comfortable hotel specially the staff are all very nice ..
    High recommended to other friends

  • Andri Fahlevi Avatar
    Andri Fahlevi
    12/15/2018 - Facebook

    humble and friendly staff, 24h abc one bistro restaurant very delicious taste, and 24h laundry at strategic location "kl sentral" beside monorail station

    Salleh Long Avatar
    Salleh Long
    1/07/2020 - Google

    I love this place because of easy excess to KL Central.. within walking distance. A lot of restaurants to choose from and a lot of convenient stalls such as Family Mart and 7e. The place is clean and I have no issues with the staff👍🏼

    Kookkai Aphinporn Avatar
    Kookkai Aphinporn
    5/22/2017 - Facebook

    ห้องพักสะอาด พนัดงานบริการดี ทักทายยิ้มแย้มดี ทำเลสะดวกมาติดกับห้างnu และ สถานีklaental หาของกินง่ายอยู่ติดกับมินิมาร์ท และเซเว่น และห้องอาหารabc

    Mostafijur Rahman Avatar
    Mostafijur Rahman
    2/25/2015 - Facebook

    Nice hotel, good service,Easy to find meal and various transportation access...

  • Fid Sparrow Avatar
    Fid Sparrow

    Budget Hotel?... this is a 5star budget hotel... convenient, clean, complete facility, warm hospitality... - 5/20/2016

    Noppadol Kalampabutr Avatar
    Noppadol Kalampabutr

    การเดินทางสะดวก หาของกินง่าย มีความปลอดภัยสูง พนักงานเป็นกันเอง สะอาด สะดวก สบาย - 10/20/2017

  • Srikandi Muslimah Avatar
    Srikandi Muslimah

    Hotel ni sangat bagus..tapi tolong lah jangan bagi orang merokok di luar bilik..asap rokok masuk dalam bilik orang lain..sgt sakit menahan bau asap rokok ni..tolong pihak hotel,bagi amaran supaya guest lain x merokok di dalam hotel ni.. - 3/19/2018

    Arif Jan Khan Avatar
    Arif Jan Khan

    nice staff comfortable rooms - 8/29/2018

  • Asmaniar Dharmawara Avatar
    Asmaniar Dharmawara

    Bersih,bebas asap rokok,ramah staff hoyelnya,apalagi puan Arin...Islami.... - 9/28/2018

    Dwi Poetranti Avatar
    Dwi Poetranti

    Saya menginap 25-27 September 2015 dengan suami dalam rangka liburan, kesan pertama Kamar nya kecil ..namun sangat bersih, perlengkapan seperti handuk, amenitis ada (sabun mandi & sampo), AC nya mantab dingiin, TV CHANEL mohon diperbanyak lagi, suasana sekitar Hotel memang agak berisik namun kita bisa istirahat.. Tersedia sajadah unt sholat namun arah kiblat tidak ada. Sarapan diberikan voucher dan resto ABC makanannya enak (halal)....overall this Hotel meet our expectation, consider to come back if I go to KL again... Thanks Easy Hotel - 9/29/2015

  • Khetty Azija Avatar
    Khetty Azija

    Kamar rapi bersih n pelayanannya sangat memuaskan - 1/20/2019

    Siti Rafizah Mohd Kasiran Avatar
    Siti Rafizah Mohd Kasiran

    Booked for 3 days.. Decent hotel with friendly staff.. Very easy! - 4/03/2018

  • krenaningtyas

    5 star rating A Budget Escape in KL? Take It Easy! Hop-on, hop-off in KL Sentral station to explore Kuala Lumpur that is only mere steps from this hotel! Well then it is inevitable to hear announcement from the train station in the hotel room. However, it ain't lessen their value as a super cool budget hotel.

    The room is super clean with modern design. A drawer and a dresser is attached. A refrigerator to keep your beers cold is installed. But for a hair dryer, dial front office, and they will bring it to you. They provide their guests with free water bottle everyday, and the housekeepers are ready to serve to change your bed sheets & towels when needed. They provide hot water for bathing but not so hot, and the water heater creates noise when used.

    Next to the hotel is a Indian cuisine coffee shop opens 24-hours, how nice! The wi-fi signal range reaches the coffee shop, so yeah, love it very much! And when it's time to pack your things and buy something for your loved ones, but it's already late to go to Sentral Market, Nu Sentral Mall is the opposite of this hotel.

    Will be back soon!
    - 12/01/2019

    Fahad Mahdi Avatar
    Fahad Mahdi

    The room was very very small. Very small recycle bin. Very pathetic. Only good thing is the stuff. There behavior was good. - 3/12/2017

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